Welcome to the
 "Popcorn Fharmacy"

Here at the Popcorn Fharmacy we strive to fulfill your every popcorn fantasy. We have 35 different flavor remedies to satisfy any popcorn desire.  We feel that our popcorn is the best that you can find anywhere in Oklahoma City and beyond.  Our popcorn is the freshest because we make all of our own popcorn here in our store.  We do everything here, pop-it, flavor it and package it and send it straight to you. 

That is why the "Popcorn Fharmacy" is just that, the pharmacy you go to when you need your popcorn prescription filled!

You are welcome to browse around and check out our popcorn flavors and what we have to offer. Use our website to order popcorn in beautiful cans to have popcorn sent to your door. Simply go to our  Flavors Page where you can pick your size and flavor combination.  Your personal information is always kept confidential, we will never sell or give your information to any third party.  Simply print out an order form and fax or mail the information to us.

Our Toll Free Number is:

If you are in the Oklahoma City area we are located in north Oklahoma City, on 7518 N May Ste. E.

We offer:
  • Custom Popcorn fills in beautiful tins.
  • Refills of Popcorn tins (in store only).
  • Shipping to anywhere in the country via UPS.
  • 35 flavors of popcorn.
  • Popcorn, Cotton Candy & Sno-Cone Machine Rentals Available
  • Samples of our 3 1/2 gallon and 6 1/2 gallon lithograph tins:



    The "Popcorn Fharmacy"